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Kadri & Otto

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The summer of 2018 has given us some cracking weather and by now we’re getting quite used to it, but back in April we had no idea it would be different from any other year, especially following the “Beast from the East”. April the 14th was the first of the good weather we had and it just happened to be the day of Kadri & Ottto’s wedding. What a scorcher, a real shock to the system, I think it was the first time I turned on the AC in the car. The drive to the venue was a pleasant jaunt through the West Sussex Countryside, with the destination being Worth Abbey School, a magnificent set of buildings located in the beautiful rolling hills of the Sussex Weald. I arrived early to scout out the location and admire the surroundings; the place is spectacular, especially the Abbey Church, a description on the Parish website describes that it “complements the surrounding natural beauty of the Sussex High Weald. A bold design proclaims it to be the most significant building at Worth, indeed the beating heart of the Abbey complex. It’s massive scale is offset inside by the openness of the plan and by the light that streams in from above.” Well it didn’t disappoint!

The guests began to arrive and I was primed and ready to catch them as they mingled and introduced themselves to each other. A coach had been provided to ship a great many of them down from London, a jolly ride they had I’m sure. Now it is usual for me to meet up with the bride and groom prior to the big day, whether that is just for a chat and planning session or an engagement shoot, however this time our schedules hadn’t afforded us the time to meet. Looking back I should have asked the best man to show me a photo of Otto or point him out to me on arrival, but it I forgot, so I played a fun game of “identify the groom” which was made more interesting by the number of men dressed in tails. Eventually it became evident and I found my target, he was blessed by the bright sunshine, a blue sky and complementing that were the beaming faces of guests jubilant of his arrival.

As we entered the Abbey Church it was fantastic to hear the buzz as every person was palpably impressed by the structure, faces in awe they sat in the pews and I snapped away. Then, as notice was given, quiet stole the chatter and music signalled the arrival of the Bride. Kadri entered the church, the sunlight kissing her face from the high windows as Otto emotionally received his bride. A beautiful joyous ceremony which offered me many fantastic opportunities for some great shots. Following the ceremony a short walk was made by the guests through the school grounds, down to the quad and into the school. The weather, being great, meant the garden was the the perfect place for everyone to gather and mingle; the light affording me perfect conditions. Now it was time for the Bride & Groom to join the party; they entered the garden from a grand doorway to the cheers and clapping of the guests. As if the firmament was also cheering the newlyweds on, a gust of wind stole Kadri’s veil and as Otto reached out to grab the fabric as it flew past him I managed to capture the moment.

Perfect weather, an incredible venue and an amazing couple. Congratulations to Kadri & Otto & thank you for inviting me to capture your special day.


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