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Veronika & Duncan

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My wife has a friend who she met through work who asked if I would take some photos at her wedding, specifically her husband to be preparing himself for the day in his hotel room and of the party at the end of the day. Of course I accepted and also offered them an engagement shoot which we did at Heaton Park in Manchester. Their wedding was in York which is the first place that Veronica worked at when she arrived in the UK from Spain. She understandably fell in love with the city, its beautiful architecture, streets and sights. My wife and I decided to make a weekend of it, as I’d always promised to show her York yet hadn’t got around to it yet. We stayed in a charming little b&b close to the city centre and the weather was perfect, in fact it was scorching, probably the best of the year and we were melting, which put my moustache wax to the test. Duncan was staying at the Grand Hotel which is a magnificent place and definitely lives up to its name. I arrived early and took the opportunity to explore a place I was eager to see and not familiar with at all. When Duncan was ready for me I entered his fantastic room and met his lovely family, Mum, Dad and Brother who was also his best man. I had great fun watching them all bustle about dressing and preparing themselves for the day ahead. The excitement and laughter was infectious and I felt very at ease among them taking photos candidly, fly on the wall style.

I didn’t know the proximity of the venue was so close to the hotel and enjoyed the opportunity to run ahead of the groom and his entourage as they made the stroll between the two. I ran ahead and snapped some great shots of them walking across the bridge over the river and then through the Park towards the Hospitium venue. What a venue it is, an ancient market hall building, stone lower and wooden beam upper floor, the classic olde white on black wood, I definitely recommend a visit. Inside on the bottom floor is where the ceremony took place with stone columns and leaded glass windows through which the beautiful sunny day shone through. I sat at the back and didn’t have a great view of the bride and groom however it allowed me to concentrate on the guests and their reactions, I got a great shot of a camera screen which was focused on the bride’s sister as she gave a reading.


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