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One True Love - Documentary Wedding Photography - Sorrento Italy - V&M

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- Bay of Naples - Italy -

In early September my wife and I were guests at a wedding in Italy. We’ve been so busy of late as we’re relocating down south and that means going through the fun that is selling and buying property. So busy that we didn’t have time to even think about our trip to Italy. We were organised though, thanks to Jo, she’d planned a mini holiday around the wedding, allowing us a week of travel around Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Now I’d heard people tell me that it was a beautiful part of the world with spectacular landscapes, pretty towns and incredible sites, but I hadn’t given much thought about being there prior to our arrival. Well I have to say that it was indeed one hell of a beautiful part of the world, something out of a movie, a theme that persisted into the wedding and beyond.

As a guest and not being too familiar with those getting married (friends of Jo) or their guests, I kept the camera work to a minimum during the day, enjoying the occasion to it’s fullest. Drinking Prosecco and eating some quite fantastic Italian food, so much wine, my glass was never empty, waiters with eagle eyes and hands firmly grasped on bottles always at the ready to refill a glass half full. And the food, oh my the food! I was unaware that the table, at which everyone had begun to queue for and which was laden with copious amounts of meats, fish, cheese (oh the smoked mozzarella), bread, pies and so much more, was only an appetiser! I had my plate and then realised, through conversation, that there was a main course meal to come, where would I fit it all, oh well I’m on holiday I thought.

It was quite and incredible day, something out of a movie, the location: an old monastery transformed into a summer Villa for a wealthy Neapolitan Family, flush with fruiting olive & lemon groves that covered a hillside, atop a cliff that overlooked Sorrento, the island of Capri and of course Vesuvius. Masseria Astapiana Villa Giusso

I only caught a few moments at the wedding but here they are. I hope you like them.


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